Friday, July 3, 2009

Hunting Huntsville

It has been a week since I am in the USA , the dreamland , the most powerful country in the universe whatever you say fits to its characteristics . In day to day life , what I observed in last 5 days may be centered on a point as sometimes it seems to me that I can't get into touch of the real America ; I am just in a museum watching all this things like yeah we do , yeah they do things this way and so on . Here in Huntsville , city I am currently in , is a small countryside area people prefer to call village area (pretty much contrast to our trivial perception of town / city ) I saw much less people than I expected but in downtown Huntsville poses some different picture anyhow thereby clarifying the fact that educational institutions should be exclusive of daily hustles of city life .What I found about American people is that they are very helpful , sincere , punctual and so so .They are out to help people whether known or unknown . Before coming to the US , I heard that Americans are extravagant but it's not always true except for some occasions ; they are very economical .The USA is superpower now and I think it will remain superpower as only because of its people nothing else .

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