Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Sunday at USA & meeting Bengalis

This morning just started with rain making it hard to get from sweet romantic (for a particular I always get some romantic feeling if it rains at night or if in the morning ) sleep . I took daily schedule to have a check to find any task and it was – to visit churches with SUSI ambassadors Clairie , Fischer and Charlottee . I got to CCRH lobby and found only my Bengali buddies much to despair to me as I hoped IP (India – Pakistan ; we nicknamed !) ladies but they are not there !! Feeling apparent disdain for their lack of time sense , we somehow got out and got to a Protestant church founded by the Rock Family . There we listened to sermons in a lively atmosphere pretty much different from that of a Catholic one . Later we went to an Afro-American Baptist Church called Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church . We listened to Gospels there . We got well reception in both places ; at Rock Family Church we were greeted by Pastor Rusty Nelson and people waved their hands to us as we entered ; at Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church , as our names were called one by one we stood up ; people shook hands with us and really I was feeling proud as a representative of Bangladesh . We just went on sight –seeing – corn fields spreading over miles far beyond sight , estimated (with sufficient % of error !) horizon really awesome I am so escalated to say ; in 50% town Huntsville outskirts I noticed these scenes again and again throwing me into an undefined courtship with nature compelling me taking photos whether objects or people (these days after coming to the USA I developed a bad habit of taking photos of people without asking them ! ) ; thing is to me that I am framing nature ( and as a beautiful woman is lifeblood of nature so why stop taking snaps or should ask for permission ?? I wish if I could always show this excuse as we are not asking for permission to trees while taking their photos so why ask a pretty woman !!!) and its elements (Re : woman vital !!) .Later , we got into a restaurant for launch named ‘Nothing But Noodles ’ but I did not choose noodles rather I had Margarita , an Italian dish pretty tasty much above my expectation in this land of food wasting ; I would like to say ‘Nothing But Margarita ’ ! In the evening , we Bengali squad with two Huntsville Bengali inhabitants Mirza and Parvez Vai , went to Arif Vai’s home ; Arif Vai is owner of the grocery shop ‘Soruj’ . He is exceptionally amicable , sincere , friendly and what not . Parvez Vai works as a Chemist at NEKTAR and he is also a pretty good man . Arif Vai’s home is like home in Hollywood movies though small one - in backside there is a semi –large green lawn – seriously photogenic I swear . Here one thing is common in American homes have not boundary walls anyway unimaginable in Bangladesh . I got perplexed thinking that in a country like U.S. one home is victimized by theft every 2.3 seconds and by burglary every 9.1 seconds still Americans have no boundaries around their home ; even many people leave their cars unlocked !! After meal we chatted for 1 hour .Then we moved to Parvez Vai’s home – another videogenic no doubt . He has a good job and he bought this whole house . His wife with two children was in New Jersey on Vacation so he is part - time bachelor pretty like fulltime Arif Vai . He toured us every room in his house . We had our unfinished chat at his home till 12:00 am .On the way back Hall , I was with Mirza in his car . He geared it into full speed with music in highest volume – it drives you into another damn care mood and gives you the I-am-boss feeling - no counter logic . Actually far away from home in USA meeting people from home country is awfully a nice incident .Really nice day it was !!! I just look forward to meeting these wonderful people once again .

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hunting Huntsville

It has been a week since I am in the USA , the dreamland , the most powerful country in the universe whatever you say fits to its characteristics . In day to day life , what I observed in last 5 days may be centered on a point as sometimes it seems to me that I can't get into touch of the real America ; I am just in a museum watching all this things like yeah we do , yeah they do things this way and so on . Here in Huntsville , city I am currently in , is a small countryside area people prefer to call village area (pretty much contrast to our trivial perception of town / city ) I saw much less people than I expected but in downtown Huntsville poses some different picture anyhow thereby clarifying the fact that educational institutions should be exclusive of daily hustles of city life .What I found about American people is that they are very helpful , sincere , punctual and so so .They are out to help people whether known or unknown . Before coming to the US , I heard that Americans are extravagant but it's not always true except for some occasions ; they are very economical .The USA is superpower now and I think it will remain superpower as only because of its people nothing else .

Monday, May 25, 2009

Passing Days

Waiting started again amidst uncertainties in my mind , in my known world or unknown world .
I am waiting for a reply from the US embassy eagerly as it's life chance for me to prove my worth before the world . I dont know what will happen ; what is awaiting me as many incidents in recent months went the way thereby showing unprecedented developments in my mind through a process I never cherished to be through ; I never imagined them myself but they happened whether I liked or not ; anticipated or not thereby unveiling some cruel phenomena of practical life, no doubt in practical ways sometimes bringing happiness to me causing me jumping in sky-high (!) , sometimes leaving me feeling betrayed , bruised validating my 'unsensed constant parochialism' throughout my whole life with which I have been plagued so far subconciously of course . Parlaying with what I have been believed to be gifted into establishing career proved wrong or right - it's uncertain yet . All I hope is best , great in upcoming future - I just pray hard .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Need For Proper Schooling & Medical Treatment

Education and medical facilities are two basic needs of the humanity. Apart from the deprived class of our society, I think some well-off, educated elements in our Bangladesh also need them badly (though they may not expect!). Anyhow I’d like to bring that deprived section of the society to the notice of all. Jamaat Secretary Gen. Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mojaheed, in his latest holy verse, claimed there are no war criminals in Bangladesh now and were not even in the past. Another distinguished Jamaat sympathizer ,an erstwhile secretary of the Government and former chairman of Islami Bank also, Shah Abdul Hannan made it to describe our war of liberation in 1971 as a civil war (it’s put me in angst about his knowledge of the constitution). He also doubted on the exact number of people killed in the Liberation War 1971, rather supporting a Pakistani report which states 26,000 people as dead. Another day Jamaat’s assistant secretary -general Quader Molla , outsmarting the above twins, said nobody fought the Liberation War out of patriotism. According to him, some joined the war from the lust for beautiful girls (I would ask him about this if I ever had the chance to meet this “Holy Man”), some to loot Hindu property and so on .Jamaat leaders have long been saying that there is no evidence of war crimes committed by them; all the allegations brought against them are baseless, false etc. Now their claim may be true as they destroyed many proofs down through the years. Already a forum of Jamaat backed university teachers and some of their sympathizers claimed there was no liberation war in Bangladesh in 1971 and the war was between India and Pakistan. They seem to be cracked up with amnesia or they don’t know the true history. They are absolutely in the direst need for proper medical treatment or some schooling .The present government itself, if not try the war criminals because of time constraint , can easily ensure those facilities for those distinguished personae and I hope they not mind learning again(as there is no age limit for learning !) as well as proper medical support . We urge the government do it outright to avoid further deterioration of their mental health.If not , then it won’t be of slightest bizarre if they one day say ‘His Highness Golam Azam was the sole commander of the Liberation War and Jamaat activists fought hard and sacrificed their lives for an independent Bangladesh!!’ .Will it sound too unusual in near future ?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why Insatiable?

I believe no man is satisfied with what he/she has. He/she wants to have more and more there by nurturing desires which can be specified "insatiable"