Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Sunday at USA & meeting Bengalis

This morning just started with rain making it hard to get from sweet romantic (for a particular I always get some romantic feeling if it rains at night or if in the morning ) sleep . I took daily schedule to have a check to find any task and it was – to visit churches with SUSI ambassadors Clairie , Fischer and Charlottee . I got to CCRH lobby and found only my Bengali buddies much to despair to me as I hoped IP (India – Pakistan ; we nicknamed !) ladies but they are not there !! Feeling apparent disdain for their lack of time sense , we somehow got out and got to a Protestant church founded by the Rock Family . There we listened to sermons in a lively atmosphere pretty much different from that of a Catholic one . Later we went to an Afro-American Baptist Church called Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church . We listened to Gospels there . We got well reception in both places ; at Rock Family Church we were greeted by Pastor Rusty Nelson and people waved their hands to us as we entered ; at Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church , as our names were called one by one we stood up ; people shook hands with us and really I was feeling proud as a representative of Bangladesh . We just went on sight –seeing – corn fields spreading over miles far beyond sight , estimated (with sufficient % of error !) horizon really awesome I am so escalated to say ; in 50% town Huntsville outskirts I noticed these scenes again and again throwing me into an undefined courtship with nature compelling me taking photos whether objects or people (these days after coming to the USA I developed a bad habit of taking photos of people without asking them ! ) ; thing is to me that I am framing nature ( and as a beautiful woman is lifeblood of nature so why stop taking snaps or should ask for permission ?? I wish if I could always show this excuse as we are not asking for permission to trees while taking their photos so why ask a pretty woman !!!) and its elements (Re : woman vital !!) .Later , we got into a restaurant for launch named ‘Nothing But Noodles ’ but I did not choose noodles rather I had Margarita , an Italian dish pretty tasty much above my expectation in this land of food wasting ; I would like to say ‘Nothing But Margarita ’ ! In the evening , we Bengali squad with two Huntsville Bengali inhabitants Mirza and Parvez Vai , went to Arif Vai’s home ; Arif Vai is owner of the grocery shop ‘Soruj’ . He is exceptionally amicable , sincere , friendly and what not . Parvez Vai works as a Chemist at NEKTAR and he is also a pretty good man . Arif Vai’s home is like home in Hollywood movies though small one - in backside there is a semi –large green lawn – seriously photogenic I swear . Here one thing is common in American homes have not boundary walls anyway unimaginable in Bangladesh . I got perplexed thinking that in a country like U.S. one home is victimized by theft every 2.3 seconds and by burglary every 9.1 seconds still Americans have no boundaries around their home ; even many people leave their cars unlocked !! After meal we chatted for 1 hour .Then we moved to Parvez Vai’s home – another videogenic no doubt . He has a good job and he bought this whole house . His wife with two children was in New Jersey on Vacation so he is part - time bachelor pretty like fulltime Arif Vai . He toured us every room in his house . We had our unfinished chat at his home till 12:00 am .On the way back Hall , I was with Mirza in his car . He geared it into full speed with music in highest volume – it drives you into another damn care mood and gives you the I-am-boss feeling - no counter logic . Actually far away from home in USA meeting people from home country is awfully a nice incident .Really nice day it was !!! I just look forward to meeting these wonderful people once again .

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hunting Huntsville

It has been a week since I am in the USA , the dreamland , the most powerful country in the universe whatever you say fits to its characteristics . In day to day life , what I observed in last 5 days may be centered on a point as sometimes it seems to me that I can't get into touch of the real America ; I am just in a museum watching all this things like yeah we do , yeah they do things this way and so on . Here in Huntsville , city I am currently in , is a small countryside area people prefer to call village area (pretty much contrast to our trivial perception of town / city ) I saw much less people than I expected but in downtown Huntsville poses some different picture anyhow thereby clarifying the fact that educational institutions should be exclusive of daily hustles of city life .What I found about American people is that they are very helpful , sincere , punctual and so so .They are out to help people whether known or unknown . Before coming to the US , I heard that Americans are extravagant but it's not always true except for some occasions ; they are very economical .The USA is superpower now and I think it will remain superpower as only because of its people nothing else .

Monday, May 25, 2009

Passing Days

Waiting started again amidst uncertainties in my mind , in my known world or unknown world .
I am waiting for a reply from the US embassy eagerly as it's life chance for me to prove my worth before the world . I dont know what will happen ; what is awaiting me as many incidents in recent months went the way thereby showing unprecedented developments in my mind through a process I never cherished to be through ; I never imagined them myself but they happened whether I liked or not ; anticipated or not thereby unveiling some cruel phenomena of practical life, no doubt in practical ways sometimes bringing happiness to me causing me jumping in sky-high (!) , sometimes leaving me feeling betrayed , bruised validating my 'unsensed constant parochialism' throughout my whole life with which I have been plagued so far subconciously of course . Parlaying with what I have been believed to be gifted into establishing career proved wrong or right - it's uncertain yet . All I hope is best , great in upcoming future - I just pray hard .