Monday, May 25, 2009

Passing Days

Waiting started again amidst uncertainties in my mind , in my known world or unknown world .
I am waiting for a reply from the US embassy eagerly as it's life chance for me to prove my worth before the world . I dont know what will happen ; what is awaiting me as many incidents in recent months went the way thereby showing unprecedented developments in my mind through a process I never cherished to be through ; I never imagined them myself but they happened whether I liked or not ; anticipated or not thereby unveiling some cruel phenomena of practical life, no doubt in practical ways sometimes bringing happiness to me causing me jumping in sky-high (!) , sometimes leaving me feeling betrayed , bruised validating my 'unsensed constant parochialism' throughout my whole life with which I have been plagued so far subconciously of course . Parlaying with what I have been believed to be gifted into establishing career proved wrong or right - it's uncertain yet . All I hope is best , great in upcoming future - I just pray hard .