Thursday, April 3, 2008

Need For Proper Schooling & Medical Treatment

Education and medical facilities are two basic needs of the humanity. Apart from the deprived class of our society, I think some well-off, educated elements in our Bangladesh also need them badly (though they may not expect!). Anyhow I’d like to bring that deprived section of the society to the notice of all. Jamaat Secretary Gen. Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mojaheed, in his latest holy verse, claimed there are no war criminals in Bangladesh now and were not even in the past. Another distinguished Jamaat sympathizer ,an erstwhile secretary of the Government and former chairman of Islami Bank also, Shah Abdul Hannan made it to describe our war of liberation in 1971 as a civil war (it’s put me in angst about his knowledge of the constitution). He also doubted on the exact number of people killed in the Liberation War 1971, rather supporting a Pakistani report which states 26,000 people as dead. Another day Jamaat’s assistant secretary -general Quader Molla , outsmarting the above twins, said nobody fought the Liberation War out of patriotism. According to him, some joined the war from the lust for beautiful girls (I would ask him about this if I ever had the chance to meet this “Holy Man”), some to loot Hindu property and so on .Jamaat leaders have long been saying that there is no evidence of war crimes committed by them; all the allegations brought against them are baseless, false etc. Now their claim may be true as they destroyed many proofs down through the years. Already a forum of Jamaat backed university teachers and some of their sympathizers claimed there was no liberation war in Bangladesh in 1971 and the war was between India and Pakistan. They seem to be cracked up with amnesia or they don’t know the true history. They are absolutely in the direst need for proper medical treatment or some schooling .The present government itself, if not try the war criminals because of time constraint , can easily ensure those facilities for those distinguished personae and I hope they not mind learning again(as there is no age limit for learning !) as well as proper medical support . We urge the government do it outright to avoid further deterioration of their mental health.If not , then it won’t be of slightest bizarre if they one day say ‘His Highness Golam Azam was the sole commander of the Liberation War and Jamaat activists fought hard and sacrificed their lives for an independent Bangladesh!!’ .Will it sound too unusual in near future ?

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